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Following the successful acquisition of C2C Restaurant Group, IFLM has opened Chef Eddie G’s Kitchen in New York City’s East Harlem neighborhood.

“The American steakhouse style menu of The Kitchen is everything East Harlem has been missing in its culinary landscape,” said IFLM CEO Ritchie. “

“It’s thrilling to be part of IFLM,” said Celebrity Chef Edward Gallagher. “I look forward to expanding our footprint in the months and years to come.”

 A New York native, Chef Eddie Gallagher has opened his first New York City eatery in East Harlem. Designed to feel a bit like home and a bit industrial, the stainless steel tables and exposed brick meld easily with neighboring East Harlem manufacturing zone. In participating in more than thirty Food Festivals world-wide, per year, Chef Eddie collects flavors and learns the palates of all the places he works, incorporating them into the menu. The atmosphere of Chef Eddie G’s Kitchen is very much Northeast American, but adds softer touches with Caribbean, Mediterranean and Asian flavors.

Chef Eddie G’s Kitchen is located at 1664 Park Ave, New York, NY 10035. Dinner is served from 4pm- 12am. For reservations please call 646-524-6769.


Chef Eddie G's Kitchen:

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